Binge-watching daze

Netflix is having a great winter season. Bird Box is breaking records and quite a few of their new series are becoming hits too. I even heard a sound bite about Netflix that happened when that little boy in North Carolina was rescued from the woods and cold. He wanted his Netflix, I think, as… Continue reading Binge-watching daze

Hearty meat sauce

I wasn’t raised with the tradition of making Bolognese sauce. Those of us with Southern Italian traditions tend to make tomato sauce with meatballs, pork and bracciole (rolled seasoned steak), or a plain marinara sauce. For years, when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, I would get freshly made linguine with Bolognese sauce at Il Mulino,… Continue reading Hearty meat sauce

Globes to go soft on me…

Tonight the Golden Globes airs (8 p.m. NBC). These are the fun awards. Both TV and movie stars are there, mingling, drinking and generally having a good time. None of the stuffiness of the Oscars, but the flip side of the informality is that these awards will never be taken as seriously as the Oscars… Continue reading Globes to go soft on me…

The accessibles vs. the inaccessibles

The Southeastern Film Critics Association, of which I was formerly a member, voted Roma and The Favourite as the best movies of the year. I cringed a little, fully aware of these movies’ status as critics’ movies. The Florida Film Critics (are there any left?) also chose The Favourite. I think these results sum up… Continue reading The accessibles vs. the inaccessibles